Jan 2020

A ray of hope – Work from home

A ray of hope – Work from home

The famous writer Charles Dickens once wrote about the power of contrast in literature. He said there are dark shadows on this earth, but its lights are brighter in the contrast.

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic across the globe left every soul with an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety. In these dark shadows, work from home gives us a ray of hope, and it shines much brighter.

As someone said, creativity comes from freedom. Work from home gives us the freedom to introspect and realize our potential. Lockdown is an opportunity to revisit our long-forgotten hobbies and create wonders. From painting to poetry, cooking food to composing music, working from home gives us time to unleash our creativity. This creativity rebuilds confidence in us to be more efficient and effective at work.

Also, the noblest thing to do during lockdown is to spend more time with our students, connect with them regularly answer their questions, share our knowledge, and motivate them to be better leaders that the world needs today.

Let us think positively even amidst negativity around us and embrace life by shunning darkness.