Professor Consultancy Program


+ INR Earning potential

Our Professor Consultancy Program (PCP) program offers the opportunity to Educators (with support from academic assistants) to contribute quality solutions for Chegg's Q&A board and Text Book Solutions. Through the consultancy program, we are enabling educators to create a momentous impact and shape lives of students globally. By making your quality answers readily available through our technology platform, this is your opportunity to aid student success.

Why Enroll for PCP?


Create a positive impact


Upward of INR 2.5 Lacs per project*.


Certificate on project completion


Mentor subordinates and drive live projects

How to enroll for PCP?


Till 31st July'19

Register Clear Assessment Documentation


14th Aug'19

Announcement of Project In-charge.

Team Finalization

25th Aug'19

Submission of NOC Finalization of Teams


1st Sep'19

Project kick-off Including paid trial run of 10 days.

Subjects Available

  • Economics 

  • Operations Management 

  • Finance


  • Statistics & Probability


  • Chemical Engineering 

  • Civil Engineering 

  • Computer Science  

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Electrical Engineering 


  • Advanced Physics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chegg's Q&A Board and Text Book Solutions?

Chegg Q&A (Question and Answer) Board is a 24X7 online help where US college/high school students post their academic questions.

Text Book Solutions (TBS) provides step-by-step solutions for thousands of textbooks across multiple subjects and sub-domains. 

What level of questions are we be expected to solve?

Chegg caters to college-going students in US. Questions are posted by college students.

Who is eligible to participate?

Faculty members holding a Ph.D degree OR associated with an academic institution of repute shall be eligible for the role of Project In-charge (PI). PI’s can further induct students/research scholars as academic assistants (minimum of 2 and maximum of 5) in to the project.
The PI and his academic assistants must qualify the online selection process to be allocated project work. 

What is the selection procedure?

1. Application on Chegg India website
2. Successful completion of online assessment.
  • Subject Test - 10 Multiple-choice Questions (Passing criteria - 70%)
  • Guidelines Test - 20 Multiple-choice Questions (Passing criteria - 80%)

Click here to apply as Project In-charge

What is the duration of a project?

Duration of consultancy project shall be 90 days (excluding a trial period of 10 days).

What are my team’s targets?

1. No. of Answers expected daily – 15 Q's/day (for minimum 66 days)
  • All project teams will be expected to work for a minimum of 66 days (Monday to Friday) during the length of their project (90 days).
  • In case a team chooses to contribute answers on weekends (Saturday & Sunday), it shall be remunerated in accordance with the payment terms.
  • In case a team fails to meet daily targets OR exceeds the target any given day, remuneration shall be made in accordance with the payment terms.

2. Each team shall choose one of the following subjects for the commencement of their project.
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Advanced Physics
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Operations Management

The team shall be allowed to get one more subject (from the following list) added to their account.

3. All answer submissions will be subjected to quality checks based on Chegg parameters.
Chegg India shall reserve the rights to take necessary actions in case submitted answers fail to qualify our quality parameters.

4. It shall be the duty of Project In-charge to ensure that all project activities are carried out in a timely and smooth manner. The PI shall be the single point of contact (SPOC) for all communications and exchanges between the project team and Chegg India. 

What is the payment structure?

   1. Payments shall be processed in cycles of 30 days. Payment are released by the 15th of every month and shall be directly transferred to           the specified bank a/c.
   2. Payment shall only be transferred to the bank account of Project In-charge.
   3. Payment shall be calculated basis the number of correct answers given during the respective payment cycle.
   4. Payment rate per question vary with each subject. The payment rate per subject shall be communicated at the time of selection.
   5. It shall be mandatory for the PI to furnish PAN details. A TDS of 10% shall be deducted as per government norms.

Text Book Solutions
       Payment rates as per solution difficulty level.  

Q&A Board 
       Payment rates as mentioned in the table below shall be applicable.
        X = Payment rate per question

Is there a time limit for answering questions and are we allowed to skip questions?

Yes, you can chose to skip a question. A time-frame of 2 hours is allotted to answer each question.