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Sample Topics

Psychology Sub Topics

Psychology is a field that deals with the study of behavior, mental operations, disorders, and treatments. It also deals with an understanding of developmental changes through the lifespan (physical, psychological and psychosocial), psychological disorders, psychotherapy, treatments, and interventions. In educational perspective, it even provides students with career guidance with the exposure to various assessments. Research and statistical analysis of the qualitative and quantitative results are also a major field dealt in this field.
Sample Questions:

1. Explain briefly about the role of conflict experienced in the psychosexual stages of psychoanalysis. 

2. What is the primary difference between acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder according to the DSM-V criteria?  

3. Explain the role of a counselor in an industrial set-up. What are the major challenges experienced in this profession?  

4. Describe any two projective tests and their interpretation. What are the limitations of these assessments?

5. Imagine you have a client who has been sexually abused. What is your role as a mental health professional in dealing with this client? Provide a treatment plan and mention about the laws pertaining to this case.   

6. Explain correlation and progression analysis and provide examples of research questions where these methods can be used.

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