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Voice of an EA – Haritha Bottu

It was a very overwhelming experience at the EA meet Vizag. The turn up was fantastic and it did raise our spirits with the experts walking in on time. The experts were very excited to meet us in person and were very ecstatic for being recognized by Chegg for all the efforts they have put in. I have got the opportunity to interact with many experts. One expert who stands out in terms of performance was Haritha Bottu.

Haritha Bottu is one of the top solvers for Math who always tops the chart in terms of quality and quantity …

… I feel most privileged to be a part of Chegg. This is not just a job to me, this has become my passion. I am proud to say that I am addicted to Chegg ????… 


Q. How did you come to know about Chegg/ what are your initial thoughts or doubts and how did you overcome them?

My husband got to know about Chegg from one of his friends and asked me to enrol. I was very reluctant to join. I had my own apprehensions. Later, I have started exploring about Chegg and read some reviews of students and as well some of the experts, then gradually I started to get a feel of what Chegg is!!! Even being a bright student in education and having a decent experience in teaching, I had this doubt whether I can really contribute to Chegg? Can I really answer the questions? One fine day, I logged into the website, but hardly I could answer any question for many days. There used to be regular follow-ups through SMS and calls from the coordinators to login. They encouraged me to start solving 1-2 questions a day. Gradually, I picked the rhythm and started to answer a decent number of questions a day.   Initially answering on the Chegg Q&A board was challenging I had many issues in the beginning, in the way of writing the solutions, skipping the questions and uploading the answers. I used to write emails/call/WhatsApp the coordinators, they have very patiently clarified and guided me in all the aspects where I had doubts.


Q. What does Chegg mean to you?

When asked about what Chegg means to her, she had a beaming smile on her face and said with great pride that “I AM A CHEGG ADDICT. I could not think of anything more satisfying, and a sense of purpose and value to the work I do is attained only after I got into Chegg. The feeling is hard to put into words”


Q. Did Chegg change your personal or professional life in any way?? If yes, how??

“Yes, Chegg did change both my personal and professional life”. On the personal front, after doing my master’s in mathematics, I have worked in a couple of organisations and had to take a break because of commitments at the domestic front and consequently could not continue for years because of my health issues, I was kind of depressed and feeling low as after being a very bright student education and able teacher in my career. Working with Chegg, I could keep myself occupied with the subject which I like the most. It brought back rhythm in my life, I am kind of motivated and happy. On the professional front, I used work as a Professor for Graduate students pursuing maths. The scope was limited and confined to a prescribed textbook and a prescribed syllabus where all the questions and answers are known to me. After a stage it became monotonous, nothing much to learn or bring a change the way I used to teach. My knowledge service is confined to one geographical region But at Chegg, I started to answer a variety of questions. I had to answer varied difficulty level, very conceptually challenging questions which really drives the point home. We need to answer the questions spontaneously. Many questions pushed me to learn new concepts and better ways of teaching a student.


Q. Share one or two memorable moments.

There are many memorable moments. The top 2 are stated below. Day/Month Topper: The coordinators used to push us and follow up to extract best from us. They used to announce the daily topper and monthly topper. Many times, I became the daily and monthly topper, which was really a proud feeling and I cherish those memorable moments a lot. Comments/appreciation of student: “Perfect Answer”, “the best solution I got in Chegg”, “You cleared my concept “are few of the comments I get from the students, which are very memorable and close to my heart. Such positive comments make all the efforts worth it and drive me to put in more efforts.


Q. What do you feel about EA meets??

We the experts work in different timings, when all the members of family come home tired after their days work,  want to sleep or take rest, our day /work starts, I know this is most difficult part of any SME, we work in the opposite  direction of clock , unlike other professions we don’t work along with our  colleagues or work in teams, we work in isolation. The EA meets are the only platform to meet other experts, share each other experiences. Only opportunity to interact with the coordinators and directors. I personally feel that EA meets are like meeting your own family members after a very long year of sleepless nights. EA meets keeps us motivated and rejuvenates with a lot of energy to work for next year.


Q. What was your experience at the Vizag EA Meet?

I wait for the entire year for the EA meet. It’s like a carnival for me. This EA meet was very special to me as I was given an opportunity to share my experience on the stage with a full house of fellow expert answerers, which really boosted my confidence. More than anything I felt very happy that my experience inspired a couple of people. Also, I was selected as one of the best performers and was presented a gift voucher. Meeting the coordinators, managers and directors was an awesome experience indeed.


Q. Have you ever referred anybody to Chegg?

Yes, I did refer a couple of people to Chegg and will keep referring as I feel Chegg is the best gift I could give to anybody.


Q. Do you feel content and satisfied being associated with Chegg?

My answer will be a BIG Yes. Chegg gave me an opportunity to relive my passion for maths and zeal to help the student community. I am indebted to Chegg a lot. I am highly content and satisfied. Thank you very much CHEGG ????


Q. How do you manage to be very consistent in your performance?

“I keep myself motivated all the time – I work against the clock – I keep myself updated with the subject” I am more confident and much more knowledgeable after getting associated with Chegg. I  suggest all the experts to be patient and do not lose hope during the initial days of joining Chegg. One needs to give time to acclimatize to the questions and the speed of answering. First few days or weeks would be challenging, but those who stay strong in the times of turbulence are those who reap sweet fruits later.

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