Chegg Speaks

Voice of an EA – Haritha

Q. How did you come to know about Chegg? What were your initial thoughts?

My husband got to know about Chegg through one of his friends, and he asked me to apply. I was very reluctant to join at first, I had a plethora of questions and apprehensions running through my mind. However, as soon as I typed the word ‘Chegg’ on Google, I realized my doubts were unwarranted; I read the reviews provided by students, and those written by Experts as well.

Even after getting over my apprehensions, I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to dedicate to Chegg, but I decided to give it a shot.

After logging in to Chegg, I wondered if I’ll be able to contribute to Chegg the way they expect me to, or if I’ll be able to provide solutions at all! I used to constantly talk to the coordinators (assigned to me) to help me author solutions, to upload the answers, and even to skip questions. But slowly and steadily, with the help provided by the coordinators, I picked up the rhythm. Once I used to hesitate to even attempt a question, but now I started yearning for more, all because of the coordinators who were extremely patient with me.

Q. What does Chegg mean to you?

What can I say besides the fact that I’m a Chegg addict! I cannot think of anything more satisfying than providing solutions. The sense of purpose, which was amiss from my life, was achieved only after I started working for Chegg. This feeling of immense gratitude towards Chegg cannot be put into words.


Q. Did Chegg change your personal and professional life in any way?

Yes, absolutely. On the personal front, I was devoid of any work for a number of years. After completing master’s in mathematics, I worked for a couple of organizations. However, I had to leave because of domestic commitments, and then the subsequent decline in my health took me further away from my professional life. I was depressed and demotivated, but Chegg rectified that, it bought ambition back to my life.Professionally, Chegg altered the way I look at my work. I used to work as a professor for students pursuing a degree in mathematics. In that profession, the scope was limited as I was bound to a prescribed book and the syllabus; my life was monotonous as I was not learning anything new, I was reiterating the same questions, same answers, and same processes each year. However, while working for Chegg, I can never complain about this stagnation as I answer a variety of questions. Be it theoretical or practical, the spectrum of questions is huge. Moreover, working for Chegg has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the subject, as I am continuously learning and exploring.

Q. Cite a memorable moment.

No doubt, the first one on this list would be the day when I received the ‘Month Topper’ award for the first time. The coordinators continuously push us to do our best and receiving little perks like this award boosts our morale.Furthermore, the comments I receive from students, ‘perfect answer,’ ‘the best solutions I’ve ever received from Chegg,’ ‘you cleared my concept’ etc. is something that I’ll cherish forever. The validation I receive from students makes all the efforts worth my time.

Q. How do you feel about EA meets?

We, the experts, work at different hours of the day as compared to rest of the people, when all the members of family come home tired after the day’s work, and want to sleep or take rest, our day/work starts, which I think is the most difficult part of being an SME. Unlike other professions, we don’t work with our colleagues and neither do we work in teams, we work in isolation. The EA meets are the only platform where we meet other experts and share our experiences. It is also the only opportunity to interact with the coordinators and the directors. I personally feel that the EA meets are like meeting your own family members. The EA meets keeps us motivated and rejuvenates us with enough energy to work for a year.

Q. How was your experience at the EA Vizag Meet?

I wait an entire year for the EA meet. It’s like a carnival for me. This EA meet was very special to me as I was given the opportunity to share my experience on stage, with a house full of fellow expert answerers, and that really boosted my confidence. More than anything, I feel very happy about the fact that my experience is inspiring for some people. Also, I was selected as one of the best performers of the quarter, for which I received a gift voucher. Meeting the coordinators, managers, and directors was an awesome experience indeed.

Q. Have you ever referred anyone to Chegg?

Yes, I have referred a couple of my friends to Chegg, and I will keep on doing so as I feel that Chegg is the best gift that I can give to anyone.

Q. Do you feel content and satisfied being associated with Chegg?

Irrevocably and definitely, yes! Chegg gave me an opportunity to relive my passion for mathematics, and it caters to my zeal of helping the student community. I am indebted to Chegg a lot. I am highly content and satisfied. Thank you very much, Chegg.

Q. How do you manage to be so consistent in your performance?

I follow three simple rules, and I would suggest all the other experts follow these rules as well: keep yourself motivated all the time, learn how to work against the clock, and keep yourself updated with all the recent developments in the subject.

I believe I am more confident and knowledgeable after getting associated with Chegg. We must all be patient, and not lose hope during the initial days of joining Chegg. One needs to give time to acclimatize to the questions and understand the speed in which we have. First few days or weeks would be challenging, but those who stay strong in the times of turbulence are the ones who reap the sweet fruits later.