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Voice of an EA – Puneet Bhatnagar


Tough times don’t last,

tough people do!


Chegg is proud of all its Expert Answerers & their undying contributions. Many experts have shared amazing stories about what Chegg really means to them. Puneet Bhatnagar voices out a touching story. Chegg for him is a source of life!



Q. Please introduce yourself, and tell us how did you come to know about Chegg.

I have recently turned 50. Half-a-century is a huge milestone. I am a computer science graduate from Delhi University and then did my MBA from National Institute of Business Management, Chennai. I have 25 years of experience in e-publishing and content development. In 2013, at a very crucial age of early 40s, I was diagnosed with kidney ailment. Indeed, it was an extremely troubled period for me and my family. Serval doubts and confusion clouded my mind – Where would the finances come from? How will I meet the indispensable requirement of a kidney transplant? What about my private job? What about my family? It was a testing time for all of us. I somehow barely managed to get the transplant done in May 2014. I had to quit my job as I needed a long break for my surgery. My wife, Alpana donated her kidney to save my life. It added on to the already worsened circumstances as Alpana had to be taken care of as well after the surgery. It took us six months to go back to our normal healthy selves.     Meanwhile, I had my concerns about how to run my family. I had no job. My family was already running critically short on finances. Due to the ailment, my financial condition was getting worsened and I was tired knocking at all doors without any success. I had to take care of my family and support the education of my only daughter. As I was into content development, so I knew about Chegg. I decided to register for Chegg and started answering Math questions on the Chegg Question and Answer Board. That decision was a turning point in my life. From that day onwards, I never looked back. Chegg was the platform to prove myself and gain self-confidence. It was a great motivating factor in my life. After joining Chegg, my life changed. Now, not only I am able to earn well for my family but also providing opportunities to others to grow along with me.  

Q. Narrate your initial moments with Chegg.

(After taking a relieved breath) I still fondly remember the special moment when I got my first payment. I once again felt alive and regained the confidence that I had lost. My experience has been amazing with Chegg. Coordinators played a vital role in my life. They helped me by guiding and mentoring throughout my journey. The coordinators are very good and very helping.  

Q. How much did Chegg help you in your overall growth.

I am very grateful to Chegg. Chegg has helped me financially as well as academically. I learned new things, new topics, new subjects and most importantly, I stand confidently now. I am running my family through Chegg earnings.  

Q. What goes in your mind while answering on the Chegg Q&A Board?

At Chegg, quality is of utmost importance and I am also a stickler for quality. Once I finish answering, I review the answer once again before submission. I finally submit the answer only when I am completely satisfied with the quality, which is on par with the Chegg guidelines.  

Q. What do you say to other people about Chegg when you introduce?

I say if you have knowledge do not waste, share with Chegg.  I also share the vision of Chegg that is to keep students first. I have already referred many people to work with Chegg  

Q. If you get a better opportunity, will you forgo Chegg?

I look forward to a long-term association with Chegg. I love Chegging, and I want to continue doing it forever. I spend 8-9 hours and try to answer 40-50 questions per day.  

Q. Did you enjoy the Expert Meet?

The expert meet was absolutely fabulous. It was my first experience. All the coordinators are very friendly and helpful. I feel bonded with our Chegg family. Last but not the least, Chegg has not only made a difference in students’ lives but also in the lives of all the people associated with it in various ways. I feel proud to be a member of Chegg community.